Crypto-Technology will easily be one of the major technological inventions that shift Humanity.  Quite honestly the technology itself is not really anything new. Distributed data is a concept that has been used for decades. Basically, every layer of technology is very typical to technologists. So you ask how could Crypto Technology shift Humanity? A simple metaphor for the brilliance of crypto would be if you were to give paint and a canvas to two painters one painter is Claude Monet and the other painter is Barney Fife.  One of the two painters will inspire an "Impressionist" movement and the other painter will inspire no one.  The original inventors of crypto were brilliant and simply used "off the shelf" technology and created a masterpiece. This masterpiece has inspired the world to trade new assets on unstoppable networks. The simple function of crypto has major ramifications to all that have enslaved Humanity by way of the Global Monetary systems that are not in favor of the People. Crypto Technology allows everyone to trade freely not just Governments!   The great shift of power back to the People has started.