META Vault Association is the bridge between the legacy banking system and the evolutionary blockchain banking system

Store Wealth

META Vault Association (MVA) is the bridge between the legacy banking system and the evolutionary blockchain banking system.

MVA is an store of wealth organization that operates globally to provide a private and secure way to transact unencumbered. There is a network of supporting banks that provide a gateway from the private to the public banking network. MVA offers superior liquidity and security to META 1 coin holders.

The META Vault Association customer portal has all the functionality desired to operate in commerce with ease AND it provides the ability to buy, sell, and trade digital assets anywhere in the world nearly instantaneously.

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Join the financial evolution

META 1 Appreciating Stable Coin Secured by Gold

Join the financial evolution. Become a META 1 Member

META 1 Coin secured by gold with advanced smart contracts creating the World's first Appreciating Stable Coin. META 1 Coin is one the most financially advanced block chain that has created the next generation of Crypto Currency.

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Exchange your digital currencies on META EXCHANGE


Privately acquire, trade, and exchange your digital currencies on META EXCHANGE

META EXCHANGE is a Decentralized full-service trading platform providing members with the ability to buy and sell major crypto currencies. META EXCHANGE is fast and fluid and it can handle the trading volume of the NASDAQ while settling orders almost instantly. META gateways allow integration to crypto markets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, EOS and several others.

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Meta 1 Source Code

Secure and Trusted

META 1 Coin Trust is in the process of "open sourcing" all source code for the complete Private Digital Currency ecosystem to include the wallet, coin, and exchange. Open sourcing will open collaboration with the best software engineers and developers from around the world, provide transparency and facilitate integrity. At the same time continuing the innovation and proper administration of the blockchain, exchange, and all future system requirements ensuring scalability, adaptability and most importantly Sovereignty. META 1 Coin Trust has guaranteed success due to not having any dependencies on any third parties and will persist in continual performance in a very dynamic environment.

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Meta 1 Card App

META 1 Debit Card & App

The META CARD is the most secure prepaid DEBIT card that is available to META EXCHANGE, META INVESTMENT BANK account holders.

Account holders have a secured application for their smartphones that provides this functionality to ensure “real life” use of funds in a dynamic fiat, crypto multi-currency economy. Account holders can exchange cryptocurrencies to EUROs via the META Exchange and load their debit card for use in daily transactions.

The META CARD will be available in 2022.

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